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How Fast

Can I Expect Results?

How Extendagen
WORKS for You

Take Extendagen as directed.

Begin your Extendagen regimen. Its maximum strength formula will get to work right away to start increasing semen volume, boosting motility, and reducing recovery time between orgasms.

Continue taking every day.

Extendagen are designed for daily use. Take your dose every day to send your semen production into overdrive. If you want maximum results - and MASSIVE loads - you will not want to miss a dose!

Become a porn star!

Long term use allows you to experience the full extent of benefits Extendagen has to offer - massive increases in ejaculate and motility, mindblowing orgasms, a boost in sex drive, and lightning fast recovery time.

It's not magic

It's science

Ramp up semen production for the kind of intense, mind-blowing orgasm you've been dreaming about!

Extendagen's clinically proven formula contains a powerful blend of semen volume enhancers and testosterone boosters that take your sex life to the next level. Recommended by doctors and sex specialists worldwide, Extendagen delivers a one-two punch, increasing semen production and libido for unbelievable orgasmic pleasure and intensity.

Extendagen can double or even triple your semen volume, making it feel like your climax never ends. Extendagen also reduces your refractory period so you're ready to go again and again.


Women Want

Dan — Providence, RI

"Sex was always great for me but my poor girlfriend has to wait for me to 'recover'. It's not that I finished first; she was just insatiable. Extendagen has helped me go round after round. Now she's not the only one having multiple orgasms every night."

Max — Louisville, KY

"Women prefer bigger loads. Since I started taking Extendagen, I've gotten quite the reputation. Where before, sex was just average, it's now amazing and they're lining up to come home with me. It feels like I come for hours. I can't thank you enough!"

Bryce — Reno, NV

"Extendagen makes me feel like I'm 16 again. I can keep going for what seems like forever and when I finally climax, it's amazing. Then, I'm ready for round two again. My wife couldn't be happier and neither can I."


I never knew men could have multiple orgasms. This stuff is amazing! Can I order it in bulk?
— Ben, Brooklyn NY

One word: wow! I have never had orgasms like this before. I feel like a freaking porn star and I come like one too.
— Christopher, Philadelphia PA

For the first time ever, I'm able to give my girlfriend all the sex she wants. For the longest time she always wanted to go a second or a third time, but it takes me a while to get there. Now, I'm ready in about ten minutes. Sex lasts longer, too. I'm much more in control than ever before and I love it.
— Omar, Stevenson MD

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